Hi! I am a photographer specializing in newborn, babies and children. I think the first and most important thing you should know about me is why I love photography. The first and number one reason I started my photography career was my children. I am a mother of three beautiful children that are growing unbelievably fast and they are my inspiration. I know first hand how fast they grow and it makes me want to capture every moment of the precious time I have with them while they are young. The second reason is I love kids! I love kids of ALL ages. I love every thing about them. Watching  them run, jump and play makes my heart swell.  I love to hear them giggle. I love to see the wonder in a small child's eyes looking at the world as if it were brand new.I love to watch a newborn sleep, stretch and yawn, watch there little eyelids flicker knowing a big smile is coming on. These are memories that you will look back on in 20 years and not only remember but cherish. I feel very Honored to be chosen by the families I photograph to be the one to experience such a precious and small window of time in there lives. For those reasons I chose to be the photographer I am today. 

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