Downloading instructions

First of all I hope you ABSOLUTELY LOVE your images. I take pride in every session I take.

It is now time to download your images and print them!  These images are High resolution and will print to almost any size you choose. I do highly recommend printing your images through a professional lab and that is why I have linked your album to my lab of choice. You can purchase prints directly from the lab and have them shipped to your home. (sorry No P.O. box addresses)

*First step when downloading your images is to MAKE sure you are at a computer. I can not stress this enough. Even though your pictures may look fine on your phone or tablet chances are they have compressed the file making it smaller and in return your images lose quality, color and they pixelate. This is especially so if you plan on uploading them to Facebook. UPLOAD them from a COMPUTER or LAPTOP.  

* Click on your album and enter your email and password that was emailed to you. 

* If you have chosen a package that includes the entire album you will only have to click the download all button in the top right corner. Once you clicked Download you will automatically receive an email with a clickable link to download your images. All you have to do is click it.

*If you have chosen a package that allows you to choose what images you want then you will open your album and click on the image you want to download. Click Buy photo in the top right corner and then click on Digital media. Add it to the cart. Repeat for the number of images your want. You will be given a one time use promo code that gives you x amount (depending on session purchased) to allow you to download those images. Additional images may be added and purchased at the check out. ALL through this link.

 * Last but not least BACK UP YOUR IMAGES! BACK THEM UP! Save them to your desired location. Whether it be a Laptop, desktop, dropbox, the cloud, thumb drive, portable hard drive it doesn't matter just make SURE YOU BACK THEM up!!! These are precious memories and your child will never be this age again so treasure them! Save them in multiple locations. 

PRINTING your images.

So you have them all picked out and downloaded! Don't let them just sit there! PRINT them! You went as far to have these pictures professionally done so PRINT them. Sadly enough this is the most photographed generation but yet we lose more precious memories than ever before. They get lost in social media, phones and tablets. Don't let this happen to you. PRINT PRINT PRINT.

Where you print does matter and will make a difference on the life of your images. While places like, walmart, walgreens cosco and other big box stores offer instant prints, it is NOT the best option when it comes to the life and quality of your prints. 


*My first and HIGHEST recommendation is printing premium matte prints through the link I provided you with. This is the BEST photographic paper I have come across with long life. Beautiful, soft and smudge proof. 

*My second recommendation is Lustre through the link I provided with you. This is also a high quality paper with long life.

* Third recommendation is I am not affiliated with them at all but I have found of all the consumer printing labs this is my favorite and offers a much better quality with reasonable pricing.

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