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Newborn sessions will take place Monday-Friday. Weekend Availability is not guaranteed.

Newborn sessions are the most precious of them all. If you are here then you are likely deciding whether or not to give me the honor of capturing your babies first pictures. I am absolutely HONORED and I promise to you that I will give my absolute 100 percent into making this a wonderful experience.


New Watch me Grow Membership VIP

 Introductory rate Only 100.00

* Must be purchased at Newborn session

* Includes 100.00 off EACH full custom studio session done at all milestones starting at 4 months.

Includes 3-4 months, 6-7 months, 1 year, 18 months and 2 years. ( If you want to do a 9 month milestone session that can be added as well) 

* Schedule ahead first for all the best spots.

* Include Mom, Dad and siblings in ANY of the sessions at no additional cost

*All session will have an online album included for the full 2 years.  

* 50.00 off any full outdoor session done in spring (baby must be able to sit on his or her own) 

* Mystery Bonus Gift (ask at your newborn session)  


Watch me Grow Milestones

The watch me grow sessions are designed to capture your baby at all the major milestones in his/her first 2 years.

Newborn: 4-10 days old

Newborn sessions are done when baby is brand new. The very BEST time is between 4-10 days of age.  They are still very sleepy and all curled up from being in the tummy. These sessions are usually scheduled while mom is still pregnant.

4 months:

Baby LOVES being talked to at this age. Baby is smiling, cooing and we may even hear a tummy laugh! He/She is lot happier with tummy time because his/her neck is much stronger. Baby may be grabbing at toes and rolling over. These are all ideal for making amazing milestone images.

6-9 months:

At 7-8 months baby should be sitting independently and may be in the process of learning to crawl. This is a super fun age because baby is usually very happy being talked to, playing peek-a-boo and is easily amused. Making it an ideal time to photograph all that cuteness!

1 Year:

This is one of the biggest milestones as it marks the One year! Babies grow up so fast and you are going to be thrilled you decided to document all those little milestones in the first year!  Baby may be crawling, standing, walking or running at this point.  This session is great for regular pictures but is also a fun one to do the AWESOME cake smash! (parents provide cake)  

18 months: So much happens between 1 year and 18 months! At this point your child is running around and exploring the world around him/her. They are starting to talk and really express their personalties. Did I mention how ADORABLE they are at this age

2 years: Ah the terrible twos! Don't let everyone scare you. Twos are not terrible they are awesome! This is one of my FAVORITE ages! Independent yes but so full of life and love. One of the CUTEST stages ever and so fun to photograph. (might require a little bribery lol) 

Full Newborn Session - 325.00

*Mom/Dad and siblings welcome on this session

* Session includes up to 4 hours if needed (this ensures the baby has plenty of time to eat, get changed and snuggle mom when needed) Most don't need this long but some need a little more patience. 

* Includes use of my props, wraps, hats and accessories (LOTS!!) 

* Multiple set ups (baby is in charge) 

* Amount of pictures delivered depends on baby but in most cases will include 30 or more delivered by email to download

* 30 day online album to view and share with friends and family

* Images are delivered by email with a link to your album within two weeks of session


Timeless Newborn Petite - 225.00

* baby only for this petite

*Session will last approximately 1-1.5 hours

*  You will recieve 15 high resolution digital images including detail shots such as feet, hands and other close up images. 

* 30 day online gallery to share with friends and family

* Images taken on all white with very minimal props. Mom, and dads hands may be used for some shots. Perfect for those timeless beautiful images.



Payment plans are accepted up to the date of your session. The remaining amount will be due the day of session.

Please allow up to 2 weeks processing time for all sessions. This is the time I take to hand edit each session. You will receive an email with link to download your images.

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