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About your Newborn Session

Congratulations! You have either just given birth to or  expecting a beautiful Precious bundle of joy. EXCITING!

Newborn sessions take place between 4 and 10 days old. If you are expecting, this is a GREAT time to call me and schedule your session to ensure a spot on my calendar. I only take a number of newborn sessions each month. I schedule newborn session by your due date. As soon as baby is born give me a call right away. Sessions typically take place Mon-Fri at 10:00am this gives me the most flexibility on time. Weekend availability is not guaranteed. 

Newborn sessions  run between 2-3 hours long. Although that is the typical session I block off 4 FULL hours to insure that you get all the time you and your baby need so you are never rushed. You will have plenty of time for feeding, soothing and snuggling baby as he or she needs.

Ahhhh the pacifier! I seriously don't think I would have survived my second daughter had they not invented these little wonders lol. Even if your baby doesn't really show interest in the pacifier it could come in VERY handy during the session. If you have one PLEASE bring it for that just in case moment.

I do keep my studio VERY warm during newborn sessions about 80-85 to be exact. This is to ensure that your baby is completely comfortable the entire time he or she is being photographed. Babies like it extra warm as they are used to being in mommies womb at roughly 98 degrees. Feel free to bring along a tank or something to wear during the session so you are comfortable as well.

I get asked a lot about what clothes you should bring for baby. At the newborn stage clothes don't usually fit. Most of the images I will take will be of baby in a diaper or in his or her birthday suite. If you have a special outfit, blanket, hat, diaper cover, prop or anything else that you wish to use please feel free to bring that along with you on your session.. I am happy to incorporate anything that is special to you into the pictures. 

The trick to getting suceessful newborn photos is a warm well-fed baby. To ensure you get the MOST out of your newborn session I ask for a little help from you! If you are breastfeeding your baby take these tips into consideration. Everything you put in your body goes to baby. So staying away from milk based products(known to cause baby to be colicky), spicy foods and other gassy foods such as broccoli for 24 hours prior to your session will be EXTREMELY helpful.


Give baby an EXTRA long bathe before his/her session. The purpose of the bath is not just to clean the baby and ensure the fabulous soft fuzzy baby hair; it also makes them smell amazing! While all that is true, the real reason for the bath is to keep baby awake and tire them out. So you get MORE pictures! If your baby’s umbilical cord is off, please give a full bath otherwise sponge bathe. The key is to linger during the bath, draw it out longer than you normally would. Keeping them awake for an hour or so before your session.You want your baby awake so dilly dally and take your time. as to tire them out.

Babies do tend to eat more during the newborn session than normal so please be prepared and if you bottle feed bring 1-2 EXTRA bottles than you would normally need. Newborn sessions are a lot more feeding, snuggling and soothing than they are photographing so please expect lots of down time.

Because the sessions are longer it is recommended to have as few people there as possible. If siblings are coming along for the session have a helper come along and take the kids after their pictures are done if possible. 

Above all else RELAX and enjoy this session!

After the session I will start the editing process right away and get your images ready to view as soon as possible. I ask that you allow up to 2 weeks processing. I try my best to get them up sooner. 

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