Meet Lilo! She wants to be a Unicorn!


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Lets make your Childs and Lilos DREAM of meeting and being unicorn come true with these MAGICAL unicorn sessions! 

150.00 per session.

50.00 due upon booking to secure your spot on the calendar. This is NON-refundable but will go towards full balance that is due the day of your session. 

During this pandemic if your child is sick and can not attend your non-refundable deposit/retainer fee will be applied to a future session as long as you give me notice so that I can try and fill your spot.

PLEASE do not bring your child sick! You will be asked to leave and will not be able to book any future sessions. 

Includes ONE child. Each additional child is 25.00 extra. No more than 3 kiddos per session. 

I am so excited to offer this AMAZING SPECIALTY Session!!!

Each session will come with roughly 6-8 pictures chosen by me. Some with the horse and some without may be taken. If you have multiple children in a session you will receive some additional images.

Sessions are most ideal for kiddos between the ages of 2-6. Older kiddos are welcome, of course. Babies must be at least 6 months old to participate.

All babies must be accompanied in the session by an adult or older child that is able to hold the baby during her/his session. There will be no additional cost for parents that are in the pictures.

This is a live animal so you will be REQUIRED to sign a liability waiver prior to your session.

All sessions will be delivered via email as a link to your online album within 2 weeks of your session. Your album will be available for you to download for 30 days. 

!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!

This is a LIVE animal! Sudden, loud or impulsive movement can spook her. Please talk to your children prior to your session about this. Children should not run towards the animal or get behind the animal at any time. Children must be able to follow direction if in the pictures with out a parent. If the child is not able to follow direction a parent may be required to be in the pictures with the child. Lilo is small so no children will be permitted to sit on her.  Please take this information into consideration prior to booking your session. 


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